UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows

Choosing fixtures to include in your home environment or within a workplace is always very complicated due to the wide range of solutions available on the market. In addition, the fixtures should not only represent a furnishing complement that further emphasizes the chosen style but also ensure high standards in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and weather protection. An attractive choice in terms of performance and value for money is PVC window frames. PVC, also known in jargon by the term polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic polymer obtained through a very economical industrial process that makes it possible to obtain a plastic material with important performance also in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. To get quality PVC window frames at a competitive price you can turn to a specialized company like Luxury Windows Italia. For many years we have been dealing with the proper installation and supply of PVC windows and doors guaranteeing an optimal response also in terms of aesthetics.

The characteristics of PVC window frames

There are many aspects that lead an increasing number of people to consider PVC window frames. PVC is a plastic material that is the result of an industrial process to obtain a polymer consisting of 57% chlorine and 43% carbon and hydrogen. This special composition together with other substances such as lubricants and stabilizers allows ideal characteristics for this kind of use. First of all, PVC window frames are resistant to weather and salt attack. Thermal insulation is similar to that of a much more expensive material such as wood, so there will be major savings in terms of energy consumption needed to heat or cool a room.

Other advantages of PVC window frames

Installing PVC windows and doors means having many other advantages starting with considerable economic savings compared to other solutions such as wood and aluminium. In addition, PVC windows and doors provide excellent sound insulation which makes them ideal for homes in the city centre. In addition, there is to consider that PVC is a material resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations as well as waterproof.
By the way, by choosing PVC windows and doors, you will also enjoy important advantages in the medium and long term as they do not require any kind of maintenance as is the case with wooden windows and doors. Finally, in recent years important advances have also been made in terms of aesthetics, thus allowing you to customize PVC windows and doors according to your taste among numerous shades and textures.

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