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Interior staircases: discover our customers’ most popular interior staircase models. Ideas, types, measurements and dimensions, materials, assembly, estimates and prices. We have the widest and most complete range of spiral and ramp staircases branded Mobirolo, an industry leader since the 1960s.

For Mobirolo, ‘ Made in Italy‘ is about making design an ever-evolving project: a forge of ideas, styles and lines that take shape, transforming themselves into furnishing accessories with a strong personality, synthesising harmony and contrast, utility and beauty, functionality and aesthetics, past and future.

Mobirolo Interior staircases Mobirolo interior staircases in wood and iron, modern and space-saving staircases are designed to be measured by our specialised technicians. Internal staircases have unique characteristics: 100% Made in Italy since 1966 in Reggiolo (RE), they are solid and resistant with a load-bearing capacity of at least 400 kg/sq.m., guaranteed and certified, we only use FSC-labelled wood and we recover scraps to avoid production waste. There is a wide choice of staircase prices, plus with us, you can get a 50% tax bonus for renovations.

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