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Luxury Windows Italia has selected the best manufacturers of Made in italy lighting systems and lamps to offer you a wide range of products ranging from classic to contemporary style and cutting-edge technology.

Led technology, in addition to its enormous energy savings, has made it possible to break out of the usual design patterns of chandeliers, making it possible to create products with more original and modern designs. LEDs allow the designer maximum creative freedom with the use of innovative materials and the design of increasingly futuristic shapes. 

LightHole®’s exclusive patented system is the meeting point between technology and design that allows optimal light diffusion without glare or loss of luminous efficiency.

Masiero has been imagining, developing and producing high-end indoor and outdoor decorative lamps since 1981. Traditional Venetian chandeliers, are the starting point for conceptual innovations that have taken Masiero to new horizons, close to architectural lighting.

Classuno designs and produces lighting systems with contemporary and highly customizable designs.

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