UPVC Windows

Certified and Guaranteed fixtures

UPVC is affordable, moisture resistant, flexible and has low thermal conductivity.
These characteristics make it perfect for the manufacture of windows in a wide range of models in many design variants. 

All Internorm UPVC windows are equipped with I-Tec glazing, a unique system of perimeter gluing of the glass to the sash profile.
This improves stability, thermal and acoustic insulation and protection against intrusion.

The slim frames without an internal glazing bead of Internorm’s new KF 510 window, combined with a simple, square look, offer more space for glass, ensuring good room illumination and a full view of nature.

Concealed inside the sash is the revolutionary I-tec Secure hardware, which, with its patented tilt-and-turn mechanism, guarantees maximum security in the home.
Thanks to the high-quality, low-emission ECLAZ® glass that comes as standard, living comfort within the four walls becomes a reality.

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