Winter Gardens

experience the garden even in winter

The pleasure of experiencing year-round contact with nature, enjoying its beauty, a comfortable, protected and highly functional environment.

Winter gardens, originally called Orangeries, are structures with large glass surfaces, which originated in the late 18th century in England as an extension of one’s home to the garden: a kind of greenhouse-living room, in which to continue growing plants even during the cold season.  

The conservatory functions like a greenhouse: sunlight flows into the room through glass. The irradiated wall and floor surfaces, as well as those nearby, absorb the radiation and store it as heat.

Used as living on the border between indoor and outdoor, or as a study or solarium, they know how to bring the unique well-being of open-air living to the interior of any building. 

Thanks to advanced technologies and refined design, outdoor structures have now sublimated the concept of wintergarten, making it a smart, dynamic environment that can be adapted to the most diverse architectural contexts.

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