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We offer a wide range of wooden windows and doors, even minimalist ones, with the possibility of customising the finishes to suit various architectural styles: from the most contemporary or modern to the most classic or traditional forms;

The home is synonymous with warmth and refuge from the problems of everyday life. For lovers of fine woods or rooms characterised by the warmth of unique atmospheres, wooden windows and doors are the ideal solution.

Refined aesthetics, long life and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation are the main features of QR Legno windows and doors, thanks to its production process. The three-layer water-based painting cycle, free of solvents or harmful substances, enables the production of windows and doors that respect the environment and people’s health.

The innovative profile assembly system, combined with the integral painting of each individual window component, prevents the rising of moisture in the wooden window frame and stops the possible formation of bacteria, fungi or mould.

The aluminium drip cap protects the wooden frame from water infiltration from the weather. QR Wood frames are also:

Certified to achieve the highest performance

CE marked to ensure product safety

Equipped with FSC and PEPC environmental certifications

Eligible for all tax bonuses or incentives

Special paint and component warranties of up to 10 years

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