Thermal Break Windows

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Thermal Break Windows

Thermal break windows consist of a special type of window frames, usually made of aluminium, that can provide an excellent seal against heat loss as they allow the problem of thermal bridges to be solved.
Thermal bridges must be eliminated not only to improve the living comfort of rooms but also for environmental reasons since according to reliable estimates it is estimated that in winter 30 per cent of the heat in a building is lost to the surrounding air just as in summer 30 per cent of the cool produced by air conditioners is lost.
This is why building insulation resulting from the use of excellent window and door frames is essential for energy savings.
Thermal break windows are manufactured on the principle of interrupting metal conductivity (in this case aluminium) by inserting an insulating material.
The most widely used systems consist of aluminium, inside of which thermoplastic rods are inserted that increase the insulating capacity of the windows and doors by 300%.
Thanks to the experience gained through years of activity, the company Luxury Windows Italia aims to offer customized solutions to customers who wish to take advantage of consultations from the highly specialized technical staff operating at this company’s open network.

Advantages offered by thermal break windows

The main advantage of these windows depends on the use of aluminium, one of the most widely used materials in the manufacture of window frames due to its malleability, strength, lightness and durability.
Since it is a metal, however, it is an excellent thermal conductor, causing a conspicuous flow of heat from the heated interior to the cold exterior.
It can be said that during the winter season, the window frame acts as a thermal bridge, facilitating heat loss.
The advantage of thermal break windows in Rome depends mainly on the presence of polyamide inside the aluminium structure.
In fact, the profile of the windows consists of two portions, joined by polyamide bars, whose role is to break the continuity of the aluminium profiles by blocking heat loss.

Features of thermal break windows

As mentioned, thermal break windows are formed by two aluminium frames, between which is interposed an element of low thermal conductivity, polyamide, filled with polyurethane foam.
This feature is called thermal break as it manages to “cut” the continuity of the conducting material by interrupting the outward flow of heat.
As a result, the temperatures of the two compartments (the inner and the outer) remain separate as they are unable to overcome the window frame.

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