KELLER Minimal Windows

KELLER Minimal Windows

Open Living Concepts for maximum natural light

Continuity between the outdoor environment and the living space, using materials reduced to the essentials, is at the heart of cutting-edge contemporary architecture! Clean lines, balanced proportions, imbued with the most important and essential fundamental element: natural light.

Whether a luxury villa, a single-family house, an apartment or a commercial complex, unobstructed views with expansive, open interiors that allow maximum natural light to illuminate the interior are highly valued in today’s architectural design. The expansive glass facades, which fit perfectly into any environment, are flush with the floor and ceiling.

The sliding doors slide with minimal resistance, made possible by concealed tracks built into the floor, a technology that has taken 15 years to perfect.

Ultra-thin design, countless configurations

The minimal windows® double-glazed system is a virtually frameless, user-friendly aluminium sliding window system with a significantly reduced 21 mm profile. The large sliding sashes, up to 4 m high, are set in virtually invisible frames, allowing unobstructed views.

Unlimited system configurations and design options provide optimal practical flexibility so that numerous options can be selected. Interior and exterior glass-to-glass corners, open corners, pivot elements and wall-inlet (recessed into masonry) concealing sliding elements. Choose from a wide variety of colours, with an assortment of textured surfaces, from matte to glossy to powder-coated.

Outstanding performance for any project

Choosing Keller minimal windows® means choosing the best possible quality. The system’s insulation values are excellent. They maintain indoor temperatures, providing optimal conditions throughout the year. Polyamide bars integrated into the outer frame, provide thermal separation, thus reducing energy consumption and saving costs. In hot climates, cool conditioned air stays inside. Heat penetration can be easily prevented through the integration of a solar-controlled film.


The multi-point locking system offers exceptional defence against burglary. It has been certified according to burglar-resistant class RC 2. Minimal windows® sliding systems are custom designed according to our customer’s preferences and installation requirements. A range of products such as linear actuators, locking monitors with magnetic contacts, and security sensors are optional. Our products are compatible with a wide range of safety accessories to ensure optimal security.


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