Armoured doors

Armoured doors

At present, almost all homes, both condominiums and especially independent ones are equipped with armoured doors, which provide maximum security for the house.
Their structure includes special anti-burglary requirements resulting from the use of materials that are definitely strong and resistant to break-in attempts, such as steel and other metal alloys of excellent quality.
In most cases, these are devices approved and classified according to the UNI EN 1627/1630 standard, which must have steel profiles at least 2.5 millimetres thick.
The structure of armoured gates is made of a double steel sheet, which in some models is reinforced by a third inner sheet.
The lock, which is always type-approved, involves the use of numbered keys that cannot be replicated and are capable of functioning according to well-determined criteria.
Born from the need to offer customers the best services to meet their needs, the company Luxury Windows Italia deals with the design and manufacture of frames, doors and armoured doors, flooring and much more, using first-rate materials assembled with a highly skilled workforce.

Classification of armoured doors

Depending on their structure, armoured doors can be classified into various groups, called burglar-resistant classes, related to the degree of security they can offer.
In order to be safe, an armoured door must be produced with special attention to two aspects, which are the structure of the leaves and the lock, the latter of which, according to current regulations, must contain the European cylinder, a device that is currently considered the best performing of all.
There are six burglary classes, which indicate the different resistance capabilities that armoured doors offer to attackers.
Classes I, II and III have a minimal antiburglary degree and can therefore be burglarized with some ease; from class IV onward, the structure of armoured doors is definitely stronger, offering a considerable degree of security.
Class IV doors are usually fitted, offering the best value for money since, while extremely secure, they are not overpriced; it should be remembered that such devices benefit from a 65 per cent tax deduction.

When to install armoured doors

In most cases, armoured doors are chosen by those who need to protect their homes from break-in attempts.
This need, which can be considered common to more or less everyone, is particularly felt by those who live in detached dwellings often located in isolated areas; in these cases, it is advisable to go for class IV or V armoured doors.
For condominium apartments, on the other hand, it is sufficient to choose class III devices.

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