Di.Bi. armoured doors and security systems for windows

Producer of armoured doors for over 30 years, it offers on the market a wide range of products of high technological content and reliability.

DI.BIG:  The pivoting security door that combines safety and design in case of big dimensions.

Elegance.Di.Big is conceived to offer a minimal and elegant look, compatible with any location, from a villa in the countryside to a downtown penthouse, with a classic or modern taste. Di.Big is proposed with a black color frame, and panels are made of three vertical sections, to meet technical and stylistic needs. Vertical sections are innovative and the black frame matches with any environment.

Performances. Di.Big is designed with a strong internal structure, in compliance with class 4 anti-intrusion requirements. The subframe hosts also the space for the rotating hinge, in order to ease the installation of the product. The door is equipped with the watertight threshold, to allow the installation in contact with atmospheric agents and ensure a high level of comfort while home.

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