Ginko Safe Design

SECURITY DOORS AND WINDOWS  – GINKO: Professional in the field of armoured doors and windows for over 10 years, Ginko offers design solutions for the safety of people.

A new conception of armored door Ginko has focused on a single product Technology, Innovation and Design managed to create a perfect balance without compromise. Invisio arises from the need to hide the strength and heaviness that is attributed to a high-security product under a completely customizable façade with endless combinations of materials and finishes, in order to adapt it to a variety of architectural styles. Armored aluminium window With Atena90 and Atena90 Wood Ginko wanted to create a top-quality product from all points of view: energy saving, maximum resistance to weathering, fine quality finishes and, of course, maximum security achieving Class 4 Break-in Protection. Maximum durability with no maintenance is ensured thanks to its oversize thermal break profiles with open joint and stainless steel armouring.


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