Fontanot Staircases – Spiral Staircases, Prefabricated Staircases : Fontanot has been manufacturing spiral and open staircases for over forty years, offering innovative products to satisfy every need of customers and designers.

Fontanot, leading spokesperson in the International Industrial Design sector, has dominated the world market thanks to the most qualified and complete spiral and winder staircase range of its sector.

The Fontanot Group has been working in the market for over 70 years, motivated by strong values like safety and respect for the environment.

The ability not to “lose sight of the future” is at the base of Fontanot’s constant evolution: in the past few years its production has expanded to include new products like windows, railings and balustrades, both modular and made to measure, along with specific design collections for its e-commerce sales channel.

Fontanot Group’s entrepreneurial reality operates in four market segments: in the Contract division with complex  “custom made” projects and large quantity orders; in the consumer division that develops interior solutions with a large array of models and servies; in the e-commerce division with exclusive products; in the large-scale retail trade for DIY enthusiasts.

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