RasoParete is a leader in the design of spatial solutions for residential and commercial environments. The deep know-how, the passion, and the research of innovative systems able to redesign the environments are the basis of this success. Structuring and organizing environments according to personal needs is the fulcrum around which our work revolves.
In addition to the functionality of an element, an absolutely essential feature, we also care about the design of the environments in which we operate, combining in a perfect union, utility, and beauty.
According to your specific needs, we offer innovative and elegant solutions, for environments that meet your expectations.
The objective we pursue with greater commitment is precisely the satisfaction of your needs, through proposals that are well suited to the spaces, the stylistic language of the environments and their function of use.
RasoParete systems are made with raw materials, hardware, and accessories that ensure reliability over time by eliminating the defects that arise when closures are coated with unsuitable methods and materials.
– Closures For Installations
– Ceiling Hatches
– Invisible Latches
– Coated Wire-Wall Closures
– External Closures
– Invisible Doors
– Crystal Locks

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