Schüco-Windows, doors and facades – sustainable and innovative. German quality thermal break aluminium windows and doors

Schüco aluminium doors and windows allow you to dress your home with elegance and personality. They are made to measure by Schüco’s window and door partners all over Italy, real “tailors” of the company’s technologies and can be customised:

Performance and functionality: according to your needs, it is possible to adapt the performance characteristics of your windows and doors, such as thermal-acoustic insulation, anti-intrusion security, comfort of use.
Shapes and types of openings: you can also request atypical window shapes and choose between various types of opening (tilting, sliding, hovering, vasistas, inward and outward opening).
Infinite colours and finishes: there is no limit also in the choice of colour, in order to obtain original furnishing combinations (the colour can also be different in the internal and external profiles of the house).
High system dimensions: Schüco aluminium windows and doors can reach unique dimensions (up to heights of 2500 mm and 250 kg weight) thanks to the use of aluminium, a light but very resistant and durable material and Schüco SimplySmart equipment.
Slim profiles: while guaranteeing top-level performance, the minimal design of Schüco aluminium windows and doors (with visible profiles that can be as low as 50 mm) allows for greater room brightness, with the same window hole size.
Windows that cannot be seen: special Schüco aluminium solutions (their technical name is Schüco Block System) have a concealed sash, with the possibility of recessing into the side walls, camouflaging themselves in the building structure and maximising the glass surface area and brightness of the interior.


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