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Window frames in Rome

Although in common usage the terms “frame” and “window frame” are often confused, they are actually two different parts of door and window constructions.
While the window and door frame is the movable element, i.e. the sash, the window frame is the fixed element, which must therefore be anchored in the wall structure of the building.
The combination of the window and door frame and hardware forms the closing and thermal insulation systems of doors and windows.
As the word “frame” implies, it is a bracket that must be precisely fixed to the wall to support the moving part of the window or door.
To create efficient and safe systems that can be moved without problems, it is necessary that the frame is perfectly anchored and adheres to the bracket without interruption.
Luxury Windows Italia, which has long been at the forefront of an open network, aims to provide highly qualified services to meet the needs of customers also in the field of window frames of the highest quality.
The window frames are rigid, fixed-frame structures that can be fixed to the wall with dowels and screws or with a counter-frame, also made of masonry.
Depending on the model of the window frame, the window sashes can be opened in different ways, such as casement, casement, folding or sliding, depending on their intended use.
There are two categories of frames: for outdoor use, which are almost always made of wood, PVC, steel or aluminum, and for indoor use, which is usually made of wood or aluminum.
In the first case, the materials used must have a high resistance to weathering, to which they are constantly exposed. On the contrary, in the second case they are chosen mainly for aesthetic reasons.


PVC, which is increasingly appreciated by consumers for its excellent price-quality ratio, is an ideal material for window frames, as it can support even large frames.
It is inexpensive, strong and durable, and is widely used for its great adaptability to any living environment.
Aluminum, more noble but also more expensive, is undoubtedly the material most used by interior designers, who choose it for aesthetic reasons, but also for its remarkable lightness.
Wood, a warm and elegant natural material, is particularly suitable for interior design, as it can yield somewhat under constant climatic stress.
However, there are special treatments that also allow the installation of wooden frames for exterior use, but their maintenance must be done with special care.

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