Bioclimatic pergolas Rome

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Bioclimatic pergolas Rome

Increasingly appreciated by consumers, bioclimatic pergolas are environmentally friendly structures designed to protect outdoor spaces from sun, rain and wind, helping to improve the privacy of inhabitants.
With their use, the space outside the home can be made the most of by arranging roofs that allow people to live at any time of day and in any weather conditions in an area adjacent to the house.
These are innovative roofing systems that differ from other pergolas in that they are made with adjustable aluminium sunshade louvres.
The arrangement of these slats, which is defined either manually or by remote control, uses smart technology that promotes natural air circulation and balanced entry of the sun’s rays, effectively shielding light and heat when they are excessive.
Various functions can be concentrated in a single structure, such as ventilating the room, shielding it from excessive sunlight, preventing rain and wind, and ensuring the privacy of the inhabitants.
All these functions are ensured by the orientation of aluminium slats whose positions can rotate 360 degrees.
The Luxury Windows Italia company, which is at the head of a network of firms established with the specific need to provide the best services to customers, is able to integrate artisan skills with the most innovative technologies to create customized projects.

Requirements for bioclimatic pergolas Rome

Traditionally, pergolas are structures with four supports that, like garden gazebos, are mounted on a green area.
This type of construction is ideal for gardens, poolside, terraces, and large balconies, which, thanks to the pergola’s versatility, are enhanced by an outdoor environment.
Another option is that of the pergola leaning against a wall structure and supported by two uprights, which is developed as the natural extension of a space outside the home.
The choice between these two models is conditioned by the space available and the type of use for which it is intended.

Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas Rome

One of the main advantages of lean-to-bioclimatic pergolas is undoubtedly energy savings, as they protect the wall of the property from the sun’s rays, cooling the interior rooms and limiting the consumption of air conditioning.
The electricity needed for room lighting is also limited since the flexibility of the slats of this structure allows the natural light to be adjusted even inside the house.
Since they are modular structures, pergolas fit well into any architectural context, helping to improve the aesthetic appearance of gardens and terraces.
An advantage not to be underestimated is the extreme ease of assembly, requiring no permit or authorization for their installation.


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