All.co Group

All.co Group | aluminium shutters, extrusions and profiles

All.co Group, leader in extruded aluminium. The All.co industrial group is currently one of the most important companies in the extruded aluminium sector in Italy.

All.co Group is one of the European leaders in aluminum extrusion andprocessing. We work since 1973 alongside our customers, offering them the highest production quality and all the necessary support for the development of innovative and functional solutions. All our products are designed, tested and constantly updated by our research and development center. Sliding and hinged solutions, profiles for curtain walls, solar shading and systems for shutters. All our products are made with high technology systems, customized to the needs of each market and each customer, supplied with a full range of accessories. All.co Group. Beyond the passion to look further. A group of over 400 employees. 4 production plants, 2 foundries, 7 extrusion lines and the assembly and finishing processes. Our distribution network is based on 20 direct distribution centers and more than 40 countries served in the world. All productions are certified according to the main international standards.


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