Architectural Bronze for coatings: Metallic Windows Made of Bronze and Steel. Made-to-measure windows and doors. Many years of experience. Innovative Design. Standard Products.

Astec was born in 1983 as a partnership of colleagues that provided technical assistance for fenestration products and exterior envelope architectural metals. This “Assistenza Tecnica” team (ASTEC) had a strong preference for one of the most noble of building materials, bronze; a passion that would fuse with a business idea: work with architectural bronze and other durable metals with a profound knowledge of artisanal manufacturing techniques to make custom doors, windows and cladding and become the one-stop shop for gifted architects and developers that create luxurious architecture.

The foregoing range of architectural bronze profiles, designed to give a timeless element to world-famous architectural projects, are our standard profiles, but in our history we have made about 200 variations of profiles for the fenestration industry and we continuously make custom profiles for the gifted architects and engineers who seek them from Astec.

Astec’s ABX® fenestration products are compliant with CE standards in Europe and ASTM in the USA, through a certified production and quality process system (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008).

Among the significant technical innovations in the building sector is the introduction of a range of thermal break doors, windows and lift-and-slide systems. In 2012, the ABX® D45 range was introduced, the thinnest of the range: it was and remains the versatile Astec response to the market demand for letting in as much light as possible through large windows with a minimum profile, and with colours that range from gold to black expressing the warmth of natural materials. In 2017, we added a whole range of fire rated fenestration and cladding products, as well.


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