Keller Minimal Windows

The minimal windows® double glazing system is a virtually frameless and user-friendly aluminium sliding window system with a significantly reduced 21 mm profile. The oversized sliding sashes, up to a height of 4 m, are embedded in virtually invisible frames, allowing for an unobstructed view.

The virtually invisible visible thickness of the aluminium profiles underlines the minimalist design of Keller minimal windows®.

Unlimited system configurations and design options offer optimum practical flexibility, so you can select from a wide range of options. Internal and external glass-glass corners, open corners, pivot elements and wall-inlets conceal the sliding elements.

Whether it is a luxury villa, a detached house, a flat or a commercial complex, unobstructed views with wide, open interiors that allow maximum natural light to illuminate the interior are highly valued in today’s architectural design.  The large glass facades, which fit perfectly into any environment, are flush with the floor and ceiling.

Choose from a wide variety of colours, with an assortment of textured surfaces, from matt to glossy to powder-coated.



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