Lupak Metal

Lupak Metal – Sunshades and Curtains

DESCRIPTION:Lupak Metal is an Italian manufacturer of sunshades in profiled and extruded aluminium that, since its inception, invests resources every year in the study and improvement of products to match a constantly evolving market.

Lupak Metal Srl was established from its sister company Mengozzi e Mazzoni’s expertise and know-how.

Lupak Metal, a well-known brand in the external sun protection field, becomes an independent entity after 10 years of producing and selling directly to both the Italian territory and abroad.

Its product range aims to the satisfaction of every request in the sun shading sector, able to perfectly merge with the latest home automations. In addition to that, it represents the ideal solution for a greater thermal insulation and a proper natural light management.

Lupak Metal’s external venetian blinds are the best choice for constructions with very  high energy performance. This is why Lupak Metal is a PASSIVHAUS partner, to help the development of a nearly-zero energy building.

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