Gibus- The Sun Factory

GIBUS- THE SUN FACTORY: Behind a sun awning, beneath a pergola or shade sail, life is free to expand into comfort and beauty.

Gibus, The Sun Factory – Italy, is an Italian company designing, manufacturing and selling awnings, pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas.

A range of accessories, including glass doors and lighting systems, give products their final touch. Their industrial laboratory – a leading point of reference in its field, both in Italy and abroad – is constantly evolving.

People are at the heart of what Gibus do and it is thanks to their experience, vision and passion that Gibus is able to produce taylor-made pergolas and awnings, bringing the Italian-style outdoor living to the rest of the world.

The products encompass the excellence of the ‘Made in Italy’ trademark: quality, style, creativity and authenticity.

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