The world’s first patented line of indoor and outdoor structural glass seats: emotional works capable of concentrating Elegance, Amazement and Resistance in a single product.

They are designed to withstand heavy loads and the most varied climatic and environmental conditions. Thanks to their transparency, they embellish any scenario without altering environments of architectural value, both ancient and modern.

A new transparency and design emotion for the outdoors In common thinking glass is characterized by transparency and fragility. Through innovative solutions and exclusive technologies, Vetrogiardini has maintained the transparency while eliminating the fragility of this exceptional material. The result is the first patented series of outdoor and indoor benches totally in structural glass with a really strong impact in terms of communication and emotion. These emotional objects have managed to concentrate in one product : Elegance, Astonishment, Endurance and Free maintenance. Designed to be robust for heavy loads and extreme variables weather conditions. 

Can be positioned in any environment without altering the modern or antique architectural values “On a Vetrogiardini you can just stay seated, but… hovering in the air between your thoughts and the beauty around you.”

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