Masiero is an Italian story of passion, elegance, tradition and success in the art of lighting, recognised and chosen throughout the world.  The made-in-Italy prestige of its creations, inspired by the most ancient Venetian art, is an excellence carefully tended day after day, with impeccable dedication, taste and style.  Because giving form to light means illuminating beauty.

The company’s product range revolves around the “Maria Teresa” chandelier typical of Venetian tradition. But the glass arms in all their shapes and colours, and especially those of the outdoor DRYLIGHT collection, and of Marc Sadler’s new, modular RAQAM project, are constantly evolving in terms of technology and engineering. MASIERO’s innovative technology is protected by international patents covering the latest developments in home automation and light sources and their exploitation in innovative new lighting products. MASIERO innovations combine decorative and technical characteristics just like architectural lighting. And they serve the indoor and outdoor markets. In 2014, Enrico Maria Masiero dedicated a specific division of the company to outdoor lighting projects based on the latest developments. 

DIMORE and ATELIER are the two catalogues that illustrate MASIERO’s latest, contemporary products for the residential and contract markets respectively. Each product takes shape in MASIERO’s own factories where specialist production lines complete the entire cycle, with the technical and prototyping departments playing key roles.



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