Poliedra-Sky. Turn on the light of your projects.

Contemporary taste and great technology for use by architects and designers. The integrated systems of Metra Poliedra-Sky curtain walls aesthetically and structurally enhance any architectural setting. Whether renovations or new builds, Poliedra-Sky frees the designer from structural constraints and offers the possibility of making any project ‘unique’.

Poliedra Sky is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a choice of technological innovation. It is a system able to create increasingly complex geometrical forms in combination with glass and LAMINAM® ceramics (URANO WALL). Incredible durability, thermal insulation, water tightness, air tightness and resistance to saline corrosion and harsh atmospheric agents. Energy-saving, able to be integrated with photovoltaic systems and fitted with the highest quality opening and closing mechanisms.

From the highly performing Sky 50, to the emotional impact of Sky 60 and 80. Metra offers designers a range of solutions in which the exterior appearance (Sky Glass) dominates over everything. Various types of covers can be added to the basic version. The choice of finishes is extensive, powerful and emotional: glossy, matte, extra-glossy, anodised, sand blasted and anti-scratch.

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