Established in 2001, Laminam quickly acquired a leading position in the global market with its large ceramic slabs offered in a wide range of surfaces, sizes and thicknesses.

Its presence in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle and Far East is further strengthened by a series of partnerships and sales offices in several countries and its important distribution centres in strategic locations which were set up to support international market dynamics. Laminam’s expanding collection of showrooms, located in some of the world’s most important cities including Milan, Moscow, Warsaw, Kiev and Tel Aviv are becoming important reference points for local markets.

Endless application possibilities of Laminam surfaces. Whether façades, wall cladding, indoor flooring or interior furnishings, the stylistic features of Laminam  slabs and the versatility of their availability will make it possible to accomplish results of the utmost aesthetic impact, concurrently marked by timeless elegance and extreme functionality and durability.

The outstanding styling impact is accompanied by technological excellence. In addition, the value of Laminam lies in its highly skilled personnel, who are always ready and willing to provide additional details about the various spheres of use and application, so that our surfaces can develop their full potential.

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