Iperwood, originally founded as a company for the import of exotic timber, which later became a pioneer in the creation of wood bank protection, along with the University of Ferrara, has created NOVOWOOD, a mix of Wood Flour, HDPE and additives. The product achieved essential features for outdoor use, such as high resistance to weathering, lack of maintenance and versatility.
Born from the need to remedy the intrinsic defects of natural wood, the WPC Novowood is the result of scientific research applied to building materials.
Conceptually, a composite material benefits from the advantages of the “basic materials” that make it up, then you can create materials with hi-tech features and application areas significantly broadest.
Novowood is used in the construction of floating flooring, pavings on frames, wall coverings, sun screens and other design elements, possessing a degree of workability comparable to the natural wood and an unparallel aesthetic finishing.
Novowood can provide innovative systems and solutions and is often used as a detail of architectural value for decking, cladding, louvers and sliding panels, giving to its customers also special under structure systems for many fields of application and thinking forward in order to achieve new goals through the design of innovative profiles.


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