Fogazza : production of floors and coatings in grit and cement paste.

Tradition and innovation since 1905. Decorated tiles, grit products, Art Nouveau decorations, marbles, production of grit floors and walls.

Starting from the second half of the 1800s, artistic movements inspired by contemporary culture in Central Europe found their ultimate expression in the Liberty of Palermo. A time when the city is experiencing heightened economic and cultural vibrance, a golden age sparked by some notable families with exceptional entrepreneurial skills: the Florio and Whitaker. Palermo becomes the crucible where artistic and cultural creativity come to life, a magnet for many personalities from the world of science and culture, artists and intellectuals who are pushing for greater openness on a European level. The aspirations of the emerging middle class thus reverberate on architecture: to have a city that can compete with the other capitals of Europe, refined buildings are built for entertainment and leisure, villas, gardens and residences of high prestige. Glass and wrought iron in particular represent a genuine innovation that enables the development of a kind of “sculpture-architecture”.

Craftsmen, decorators, mosaicists, locksmiths andglaziers are called then to add their artifacts to buildings, ornamental items of extraordinary workmanship that enrich the Liberty of Palermo and make it unlike any other. In keeping with this trend, builders begin to use “cementina” in foundational works to replace the “Riggiole” majolica, with the aim of creating more durable and long-lasting floors.

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